Google Adwords Keyword Planner Updates: Now includes Mobile, Contextual and Trend Data

Almost like a ninja Google updated their Google Adwords Keyword Planner very quietly recently. But fear not, they added 9 new features to the Keyword Planner that is guaranteed to excite any online marketer.

Let’s dive deeper into the 9 new features and see what all the hype is about.

  1. Time Periods for Keyword Data

For the first time, you can now select the time periods for your keyword suggestions and search volume estimates based on the periods that you selected. A graph will automatically be generated for quick and easy reference over the selected period of time giving seasonal campaigns a great indication when to jump in or not.

  1. Compare Time Periods for Keyword Data

In adding the super functionality of time periods weren’t enough, now you can compare them with other time periods. Yup, time period comparisons are now available. Great to see an incline or decline in your keyword data. You have three options available for comparison data:

  • Previous Period: If you specified Jan 2014 – Mar 2014 for your time period it will compare and display the results for the previous time period of three months Oct 2013 – Dec 2013
  • Same period last year: This will simply look at the same period one year ago, if you have Jan 2014 – Mar 2014 selected as your time periods it will display the results for Jan 2013 – Mar 2013
  • Custom: You can customise and create your own comparison, nice if you want specific comparisons.

  1. Adgroup and keyword volume comparisons over two periods

Now it is easy to see whether keyword(s) are increasing or decreasing in search demand giving you more flexibility to make the right keyword and adgroup choices. Make sure to carefully review the total change and percent change columns.

  1. Mobile Trends

Mobile search is increasing at an alarming rate. People need information at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime. With this in mind you can now visualise mobile trends. In the image below the green bars represent mobile and the blue bars all other devices.

  1. Breakdown by device

This option will give you a breakdown by device in a nice circular graph. It will give you the total average monthly searches on your keyword data with a breakdown by device; Computers, Mobile devices with full browsers and Tablets with full browsers. This will help you target the correct devices for your Adwords Campaigns. Understanding the volumes is a great way to estimate the expected contribution by device.

  1. Flexible time periods

Once you moved to the estimates screen you can scale your results to get monthly, quarterly or annual results. You also have the option to select a custom period of time giving you flexibility to scale the times on which the estimates are based.

  1. Device Segmentation and bid adjustments

This tab will give you a breakdown on search volumes by device and the option to change the bid adjustment for mobile devices before implementing the plan

The device estimates breakdowns are based on the baseline bid applied to all devices (which you specified on the review screen). You can add bid adjustments to the mobile devices and the estimates will be provided for the new adjustment.

  1. Location Breakdowns for your targeted location

This will be change depending on the area that you have targeted so it will vary from country to province and even states. If you are targeting South Africa for example you will see the following options below.

The option in red will give you automatic breakdowns of your targeted location while the option in blue is to see estimates for the geographic targeting you have specified.

  1. Graphs Visuals for your Sub Geographical Areas

This will give you a breakdown of all the sub geographical areas. In our case we have selected South Africa as our targeted location. This graph is important to compare date ranges, identifying mobile trends and seasonal fluctuations.

If correctly identified is a great tool to measure and identify traffic opportunities by region and/or establish the correct bid modifiers per province/state.

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